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Leaders digitally convened this week for WEF’s Davos Agenda 2021 - their focus on making the world a more sustainable, better place. But how can you make something better if you can’t measure it? Learn how common metrics for ESG disclosure could spur more sustainable growth.

Also, an unexpected change agent has emerged in the response to the global COVID-19 crisis – tax. And that role may bring lasting benefits to all taxpayers.

Long-term value
The World Economic Forum’s International Business Council (WEF-IBC) has proposed a set of common metrics to spur sustainable value creation. It’s a positive step – if we grasp it.

Carmine Di Sibio | 8 minute read
World Economic Forum
Tax authorities have played a key part in the response to the pandemic. As their remit continues to evolve, so too will their capabilities.

Kate Barton | 5 minute read
World Economic Forum
The best way to address today’s complex challenges is by working together, even with your competitors. WEF is just the place to start.

Carmine Di Sibio | 5 minute read
Business leaders can flip the script on carbon by capturing it and turning it into a source of commercial and long-term value.

EYQ | 7 minute read

EY is going carbon negative.

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