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The past five years have seen broad transformation across tax and finance functions. The 2023 EY Tax and Finance Operations survey finds more businesses are now co-sourcing to complete those transformations. Learn how to craft a future-focused five-year plan based on the learnings from the past half decade.
New tax operating models in the last five years delivered value to businesses, our survey shows. The next five years will add even more.
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The EY Global Consumer Health Survey 2023 finds consumers value access most, but also want cost-effective care and relief from pain and anxiety.
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In this episode of the Decoding Innovation podcast series, Ryan Umstattd, VP of Product Development at Zap Energy, talks about the future of clean energy production through efficient fusion techniques.
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In this edition, we analyze global factors affecting business, including fiscal pressures on indebted governments and the banking turmoil.
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