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Is your organization relevant in the digital economy? The EY Tech Horizon 2022 report explores how critical it is to understand consumers’ changing expectations and behavior. Learn the actions you can take today to prepare for what’s next.
Customers are changing faster than enterprises can track them. Organizations need to become more data-centric to catch up.

Jim Little | 10 minute read
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Power utilities
The Energy Consumer Confidence Index (ECCI) reveals that the impact of the energy transition is hitting home. How can we boost consumer confidence?
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In this webcast, special guest Dr. Christoph Heusgen and EY senior professionals will discuss geostrategic perspectives and no-regret actions companies can take right now and in the future.
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This month’s Geostrategic Analysis

Inside this issue: Top developments in the global energy market and our take on three hot-button geopolitical events.

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