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As we celebrate International Women’s Day, EY believes gender diversity is not a problem to solve, but a solution to the world’s problems. The message is especially poignant in a year that women have carried an economically heavy burden from the COVID-19 pandemic. But women entrepreneurs are leading the way toward a brighter future for women, and the economy as a whole.

Women. Fast forward
Gender equality is part of the solution to many of the world’s most complex issues.

Julie Linn Teigland | 3 minute read
This International Women’s Day, we can turn the “she-cession” spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic into a woman-powered boom.

Stasia Mitchell | 7 minute read
While female representation is rising, diversity fatigue is in the air. How can we blast past tokenism to maximize diversity’s power?

Nobuko Kobayashi | 7 minute read

Women. Fast forward

At EY, we are creating an inclusive culture that enables women’s potential to truly transform society and build a better working world.

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